2017 Pennsylvania State Taxidermy & Wildlife Art Championships, Trade Show & Annual Convention


Convention Schedule

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

2 – ? pm…………….Hands-On Waterfowl with Dave Houser
6 – 9 pm…………….Convention & Competition Registration – Competition Entries Accepted
. . .

Thursday, March 9, 2017

7:30 am – 8 pm……. Convention & Competition Registration – Competition Entries Accepted
8 am – 10 am……….SEMINAR – Vincent Fleming – Whitetail Reference
8 am – 10 am……….SEMINAR – Sponsored by Head Quarters – Ashley Barrett – Building Rocks
10 am – 12 Noon……TRADE SHOW OPEN
1 pm – 3 pm………..SEMINAR – Paul Cales – A to Z Tanning
1 pm – 3 pm………..SEMINAR – Lance Van Dusen – Death Masks
3 pm – 6 pm………..TRADE SHOW OPEN
6 pm – 7 pm………..MEMBER Viewing of Competition Room
7 pm – 9 pm………..SEMINAR – Wayne Stoltzfus – Mounting a Turkey
7 pm – 9 pm………..SEMINAR – Frank Kotula – Mounting a Fish

Friday, March 10, 2017

7:30am – 12Noon…..Competition Registration (ALL MOUNTS MUST BE ENTERED BY 12 NOON)
7:30am – 8 pm……..Convention Registration
8 am – 10 am……….SEMINAR – Dennis Wessner – Bird Reference
8 am – 10 am……….SEMINAR – Sponsored by McKenzie – Brian Hendricks – Bobcat Expressions
10 am – 12 noon……TRADE SHOW OPEN
1 pm – 3 pm………..SEMINAR – Ray Hateld – Form Alterations
1 pm – 3 pm………..SEMINAR – Je Mourning – Painting a Brook Trout
1 pm – 3 pm………..Children’s Activities Arts/Crafts – Connie Jordan
3 pm – 6 pm………..TRADE SHOW OPEN
5 pm – 6 pm………..PTACT Committee Certication
6 pm – 7 pm………..Member Viewing of Competition Room – Ballot Voting
7 pm – 9 pm………..SEMINAR – BUSINESS – Kent Stryker, Christie Mahany & Paul Czarnecki
9 pm – ? pm………..SEMINAR – Sponsored by PTACT – Vince Spellane – Advanced Whitetail Anatomy

Saturday, March 11, 2017

7:30 am – 5 pm…….Convention Registration Only
8 am – 9 am………..General Membership Meeting
9 am – 12 Noon…….TRADE SHOW OPEN – Final Session
9:30 am……………..Critiques (sign up in Trade Show Area – individuals will be called when it’s their time)
12 Noon – 5 pm…….Competition Room Open to EVERYONE – Competitor Critiques and ALL Ballot Voting
PUBLIC VIEWING – $5 per person – 12 & under Free (must be accompanied by an adult)
2 pm – 4 pm………..SEMINAR – Ken Devivi – Bur to Bur Incision & Pedestal Attachments
2 pm – 4 pm………..SEMINAR – PGC/Kevin Singer & Tom Hardisky – CWD & Laws that pertain to Taxidermists
2 pm – 4 pm………..Children’s Activities Arts/Crafts – Michelle Burkholder
3 pm………………..Removal of Trade Show Backboards
6 pm – 9pm…………Awards Banquet-Auction–Election Results
6 pm – 9pm…………Kid’s Pizza & Movie Supervised Event


Immediately following Awards Banquet – Removal of mounts & loading of Backboards – Room MUST BE cleared.
All mounts not picked up after the awards banquet will be moved into Stag Pass and locked in until 8 am Sunday.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

8 am – 12 Noon…….Removal of Remaining Mounts & Clean Up
9 am ………………..Board of Director’s Meeting – Newly Elected Board Members Must Attend

Absolutely no mounts will be allowed to leave the competition until after the Awards Banquet.
Mounts will not be released from the competition unless they have gone through the check-out table.
If you can’t stay until Saturday evening you must make arrangements for someone else to check out your entry piece(s).
Everyone’s adherence to these policies is mandatory and will be appreciated.

2017 PTA Convention Hands-On Seminar

Top Notch Education & Hands-On Guidance is all you need
to take your skills to the next level!



12 Participants – $300 per person – 8+ hours of instruction – Any Species/Any Position

You need to provide:

• Complete application & submit w/payment
• Tools you currently use to mount waterfowl
• A skinned, fleshed, washed & dried waterfowl species of your choosing
*** No Geese Please ***
• Body, Head & Eyes

Dave provides:

• Personalized Instruction (Basic & Advanced Waterfowl Mounting Techniques)
• Wire, Caulking, Cotton, etc.

Questions? Call Dave Houser 717-957-3637 or 717-460-4824

Must be a PTA Member in good standing & registered for the 2017 convention.
Payment in FULL is required – seats filled on a first paid basis ONLY – LIMITED SEATING AVAILABLE.
Please fill out the information below & mail with your payment to the address provided.


Whitetails- Vincent Fleming , NC

Vincent and his wife, Anita live in East Bend, NC where he runs Artistic Wildlife Studio, a full time taxidermy
business – and also oers custom tailored workshops for individual interested in improving their whitetail
deer mounting skills. Vincent started taxidermy at the age of 18 and has been full time since 1986. Some
of his most memorable awards in taxidermy are: 2011 World Champion Whitetail Deer; 2009 2nd in World
& National Champion Open Mouth at the NTA. Vincent has also had the honor to judge several shows
including the 2015 Worlds. The one thing that Vincent says stands out the most is, all the people he’s met
and the great friends that he’s made over the years. “I am very blessed and I give all the praise
to God. I look forward to spending time with the members of the PTA.”

Large Mammal & Gameheads- Ray Hatfield, WY

Ray has over 30 years experience as a full time taxidermist
and presently co-owns, with his wife Chris, Nature’s Design Taxidermy in Cody, Wyoming. Ray and his team
have completed thousands of mounts for sportsmen around the world as well as mounts for The Smithsonian,
The World Wildlife Museum in California, The Draper Natural History Museum in Cody, Wyoming, eight
museums in China, and numerous life size mounts for retail store chains. Ray has won several major awards
ranging from the Award of Excellence, Best Habitat, People’s Choice, Sinclair Clark Memorial, Most Original &
Creative, Competitors Choice, World Champion Life Size Mammal & Game Head as well as hundreds of ribbons.

Waterfowl, Bird & Turkey- Dennis Wessner, PA

Dennis started taxidermy in 1997 and opened his full time taxidermy studio in 2001. Wessner’s Outdoors not
only specializes in top-notch taxidermy but also Dead End Decoys & African Trophy Lights. Dennis has won
numerous awards from all levels of competition including National Champion Turkey, 2nd & 3rd in the World
Turkey, 2 WASCO’s, 2 Best of Show’s, 3 Mckenzie Best Bird Awards, and 4 PA Masters Certicates. He also has
garnered many specialty awards such as – DU, NWTF, Jack Wilson Memorial Award, & the Governor’s Award.
Waterfowl, Birds & Turkey’s are Dennis’ passion and his achievements in this eld of taxidermy show just that.


Fish, Reptiles, Amphibians, Art & Photography- Jeff Mourning, CA

Je & his wife have been lucky enough to have shed all over the country, from chasing world record Golden
Trout in the Wind River Range, catching large tarpon in the Key’s, salmon in Alaska and many other species in
between. In these years of shing they have caught many trophy sh including two line class world record
sh, which he of course had mounted. It was through years of having his own sh mounted and being unhappy
with the quality of work he received that Je decided he was going to learn the art of taxidermy. Throughout
his training, some of the best knowledge he received was through competing in taxidermy competitions.
Je began doing taxidermy as a hobby in 1995 and started competing in 1997. He soon discovered what he
could learn from the advice received from those who judged his work over the years. After several years of
competing, Jeff started judging competitions in 2001. Jeff has been honored to have been able to judge at
State shows, Nationals and The Worlds, including the European Championships. Attending these competitions
allows him to keep up with modern techniques around the world to give the best to his clients. Jeff takes
pride in doing the most lifelike mounts with modern techniques that will provide lasting memories; from
mounting someone’s “once in a lifetime” trophy to a little one’s first fish. Composition & Design as well as
artistic ability, impressions, and ingenuity are all very important to Jeff – the talents that he’s been gifted with
make him truly qualifieded to judge many subjects and forms of wildlife art.


Small Mammal & Small Gameheads- Lance Van Dusen, MO

Lance’s interest in taxidermy started in college as a hobby. He attended Missoula Valley Taxidermy
School in the spring of 2001. Lance then furthered his education with a part time job with
Todd Kranau, owner of Masterpiece Taxidermy in Blue Hill, NE. While working under Todd, he
had the opportunity to quickly understand the importance of quality work and customer
service. Lance launched his full time business, Wildlife Reections Taxidermy Studio, in 2005.
Learning to apply anatomy, originality, artistic ow and expressionism to his work has provided
him a path to be a leader in the industry. These principals are still a focal point in his professional
and competition pieces. Lance, his wife, & 2 children have settled in Lawson, MO, a small town
outside of Kansas City, MO. Lance is eager to share his knowledge and help expand the taxidermy
industry. “I learn something new each time I give a seminar or judge
an event. I encourage any questions or thoughts you may have on
troublesome areas regarding taxidermy.”


Habitats- Vince Spellane, PA

Vince has been practicing taxidermy for over 25 years. Starting out as self-taught and learning from
VHS tapes & then DVD’s – as time went on, Vince stumbled upon the PTA in 2006. Ever since being a
member of this and several other organizations and by competing, Vince has changed his life in many
ways – making numerous friends, being inspired to better himself & his work, as well as gaining an
unmeasurable amount of taxidermy knowledge. Over the past 10 years of competing Vince has been
honored to have won a National Title in Whitetails, the NTA Distinguished Taxidermist Award, multiple
Taxidermists of the Year Awards, the Al & Evelyn Holmes Award for Best Habitat at the 2016 NTA
Convention as well as the PTA State Championships. Vince has also garnered several specialty awards
such as – The Breakthrough Award, Woody Award, Polytranspar, Pro-1, WASCO’s & several State
Championships. “During these last ten years I have taken as many opportunities
as possible to give back to the members and organizations who have
inspired me as well as shared their knowledge with me. I hope to continue to
share the knowledge that I have gained.”


Commercial Division- Paul Czarnecki, PA

Virtually from birth Paul was an avid hunter and sherman. As soon as he could walk he was accompanying
his father and grandfather on hunts in the woods and elds of PA and shing for salmon and
walleyes on Lake Erie. After living in Pakistan, South Africa and New Zealand for six years, where his
father worked for General Electric, Paul was eager to return to Pennsylvania to the shing and
hunting he had been missing. His taxidermy training began early in life, preserving grouse and
turkey tails and pike heads for his father. While still in high school Paul decided he needed a job to
support his hunting and shing addiction so, naturally, found a job with a local taxidermist during
the summer. Upon graduation from high school Paul entered Gannon University’s Pre Med Program
but not before passing Pennsylvania’s taxidermy exam and the U.S. Coast Guard Captain’s Exam. He
graduated from Gannon University in 1986 – not as a physician, but as a charter captain and a
taxidermist with a degree in Biology and Organic Chemistry. Paul puts his extensive education to
good use as a full time taxidermist. His knowledge of the specimen and its anatomy, coupled with his
artistic nesse allows him to produce the nest masterpieces in the country. To date Paul as won 2
National Championships, 18 state Championships, 6 Best of Show, dozens of Best of Category awards
and also a Second Best in the World award for waterfowl. Paul, his wife, Christie, & 2 children live in
Waterford, PA and run Tri-State Taxidermy & Tri-State Fishing Charters/Free Spirit Sportshing on Lake Ontario.

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