Hello everyone!

It’s our busiest season of the year right now and I hope we are all having a prosperous one.

We had or Cabela’s Taxidermy weekend in September and although the numbers were down slightly the quality was not.  The room had many many beautiful pieces in it.  I would like to thank all the volunteers that make the weekend possible and also to all the taxidermist that bring their mounts to be judged and critiqued to further their education in this art form we love. And also to the friendly Cabela’s staff for hosting us.

7 Deer mounts were also presented that weekend to some very happy and appreciative Camp Compass Academy children.

March 7, 8, 9 and 10 will be our annual Convention held at Seven Springs and it is fast approaching.  I hope to see all the regular competitors and many new ones!  Competing is the best way to improve the quality of our work.

This year as an incentive to those competing we will have a raffle, for each piece you enter you will receive one raffle ticket.  This raffle ticket will enter you into a drawing for a one-on-one class with Fred Gonzalez.  For those who don’t know, Fred is a very knowledgeable and accomplished mammal taxidermist in Lebanon, Pennsylvania.  If anyone else would like to contribute to this new incentive to compete program either contact myself or Becky and we will get you added to it.  It would be great to have a bird and fish expert to add. HINT HINT

I look forward to seeing everyone soon!  Let’s all make this upcoming convention one of the best yet.

Your friend,
Jason J Krause