Hello everyone!
We are all fresh off of our 2017 Championships,
I am hoping that everyone that was able to
attend this year walked away happy and more
knowledgeable about the craft we all love.
Although we almost all wait until the last minute
to start our show pieces, it’s not too early to start
thinking about it and mark our calendars. Next year’s championships
will be March 7 ,8, 9, & 10. I’d like to take a moment to talk about
the competition side of our convention. It is a good thing to compete
it helps to make us better at what we do and hone our craft. I know
from past personal experience that it’s scary to bring that rst piece
and compete for the first time. I put it off for years with the thinking
that I just wasn’t good enough yet to bring something, but truth be
told I only started improving when I started bringing pieces. When it
comes right down to it – the true reason to compete is to get it looked
at by a respected judge, receive the score sheet, and get the critique
with that judge. Those three things have helped many of us over the
years. As a side effect, you’re also helping your association. When the
competition room is full of mounts it looks great! Don’t forget about
our Cabela’s Taxidermy Weekend either.This is also a good time to
bring some mounts out to be looked at by a judge and learn from
that experience. September 8, 9 and10 are the dates for that show.
Together we can all improve our abilities, grow some friendships and
have a good time along the way.
For those that weren’t able to attend the membership meeting at
the convention, I asked you all to consider reaching out to your local
field museums, nature centers, etc., to create a rapport with them.
They may need mounts cleaned, replaced or repaired. It’s another
way to give back to your communities and spread your name.
Also, a short video worth watching that may sum things up about
the learning process and why seminars and classes are important
may be found on YouTube “How to get better at the things you care
about” www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKACzIrog24
As always, the board of directors is here for all of you and we are
here to take any input from the membership, just contact us.
Your friend,
Jason J. Krause
Your friend, Jason J Krause