My name is
Matthew Zimmerman. I reside
in Denver, PA with my wife, Renee, and our
4 children.
I started dabbling in Taxidermy when I
was a young teen in my parents basement.
After I finished school I worked full time for
my Dad at Zimmerman Electrical and
Plumbing. My parents
were very supportive of
my “hobby” and as the
years went on and “the
Phase” did not pass,
they encouraged me to
go to school for
Taxidermy. So at the age of 19 I went on my
first big adventure to Northwood School of
Taxidermy with Joel Zimmerman. The 13
week program was a great foundation for my
career in Taxidermy. While at school we
were strongly encouraged to attend the
Pennsylvania Taxidermy Association
Convention, which was being held at that
time in Lancaster. I was totally blown away
by this experience. So much information to
absorb and so much talent all at this one
show. Since that time I have only missed 2 or
3 conventions.
Meeting and making “taxidermy friends”
as well as attending many seminars at the
conventions has helped me improve my work.
I have judged numerous taxidermy shows
over the years and I enjoy learning from that
experience. Taxidermists trading ideas and
methods is still fairly new and unheard of in
many areas of the U.S.. Let’s Keep being a
leader in the Taxidermy Industry.
I want to thank the P.T.A.
members for the privilege of
serving as a board member.
Keeping the convention a
family oriented event will
insure our future in an
occupation were success
depends so much on business skills as well
as an artistic ability.
Hope everyone has successful hunting
seasons, full freezers and don’t forget to
thank God who has given us this wonderful