My name is Leslie Jungbluth, I am 29 years old and have just recently moved to back to Pennsylvania from Washington state. I live in New Freedom, PA with my husband Mike and our two cats. I graduated with a degree in Environmental Resource Management with a focus on Wildlife and Fisheries. I grew up in a non-hunting, non-outdoors family. I was never exposed to taxidermy until after I finished college. While up in Anchorage, Alaska for some job training following my graduation, I was introduced to the art of taxidermy while visiting some of the local shops and furriers in downtown Anchorage.

Once I returned home I began feverishly researching and learning as much as I possibly could about taxidermy; what had started as just an interest turned quickly into a passion. I joined and had the privilege to meet some absolutely fantastic taxidermists. I finally built up the confidence to try my hand at some projects and with the help, teaching, and guidance from others in the field I began my journey into the art of taxidermy.

I am primarily self-taught and I focus entirely on Mammals (both gameheads and lifesizes of all species, shapes and sizes). My forte is predators. There’s nothing I enjoy more than to bring a spark of life back into an animal and produce a piece of art that will bring back memories and inspire people for years to come. Taxidermy allows me to mix two of my passions: art and animals.

Currently I am in the process of saving up to purchase a parcel of land to have both my house and my taxidermy shop built. With the acquiring of my permits and licenses I will be taking in wholesale work primarily and customer projects/commissions as time and space will allow. Once my shop is complete, I will be taking in customer work full time.

I joined the PTA just this year (2012) and am so very glad I did. I also entered my very first competition piece (a lifesize fox) as well. The amount of information I learned from the variety of seminars and critiques and the great friends and colleagues I had the opportunity to meet was irreplaceable! Having the opportunity to learn, share knowledge, view absolutely stunning and inspiring mounts on the show floor, and to meet new friends was a life-changing experience and I am grateful to be part of such a fantastic organization.