My name is Tim Barnes, owner of The Frontier Shop. I have been practicing taxidermy for 37 years at the same location in Lawrence, PA, 15 miles south of Pittsburgh in northern Washington County. I am married to Geri and have 2 children, Tanner and Rachel, 3 dogs and fish.

I became interested in taxidermy after visiting a cousin who had purchased a JW Elwood Taxidermy mail order course. I was also inspired by visits to the Fred Bear Museums in Michigan and Florida. This photo of Fred and I was taken at an archery dealer show in Parkersburg, WV.

I practiced taxidermy full-time and ran the family archery and firearms business until 2000, when I finally established my shop solely as an award-winning taxidermy studio. Selling sporting goods helped establish my client base.

I enjoy competing, learning and socializing with others who speak the language of taxidermy Volunteering to set up tables and backboards at a PTA convention led to my election as a board member. I then became Competition Co-Chair with Frank Kotula and one year later, Competition Chairman. I have served 6 years as a board member, 1 year as Vice President, and 4 years as Competition Chairman. I also enjoy the behind the scenes drama that makes the annual PTA Convention the best taxidermy convention in the US!

I’m thankful for the leading taxidermists I’ve studied under and know that I would not be successful without the sharing of their artistic tips and business knowledge. I like to share some of the little tips that I use, writing under the guise of “Tightwad Timmy”, which I feel fits my personality quite well!

My hope for the future of taxidermy is that more professional’s see the benefits of joining the PTA and caring enough about their craft to qualify as a PTACT member.