My name is Page Nethercutt. I was born and raised in eastern North Carolina in Pamlico County. I started taxidermy when I was 8 in my Dads’ studio. He retired in 1986 and shut down the shop. But in 1994 I reopened it with the hopes of becoming a great whitetail taxidermist! It didn’t happen. Instead, I found my niche in african game and birds. Most of you may know me as only a bird guy, but I actually do more big game than birds. But I can fit more birds in my truck to take to competitions, and I love to compete. That’s what brought me to the PTA. Y’all have one of the best shows in the country! And I’ve been lucky to have recieved 2 state titles from your prestiges competition. Last year I had the honor of putting on the waterfowl hands-on seminar for the PTA. It was a wonderful experience, and we had lots of fun.

Besides doing taxidermy, I also sell waterfowl heads and bodies thru Head Quarters Taxidermy Supply. I had an idea to offer open mouth heads of every species to give the other taxidermists more options to choose from. As of now, I have 137 heads available with 54 of them open mouth. I still have a long way to go.

Last year I filmed a couple of dvds’ with Taxidermy Training Unlimited, and we just made another one this spring. I enjoy teaching and sharing what I’ve learned. I feel it’s ones duty to carry on what you have learned from others. They were gracious enough to help me, now it’s my turn to help others.

I’m married to a wonderful woman, Bonnie. Together we have 5 kids and 2 grandkids. We all enjoy hunting together and spending time outdoors with our birds, or in the garden, or just dropping a line in the pond. I look forward to seeing everyone in Pa next spring!