Hello everyone, my name is Bob Evans, I am 42 years old, and I live just outside of Harrisburg Pennsylvania with my wife Michelle, and my 12 year old son Zach. I have been operating Bob’s Beetle cleaning for 3 years now, cleaning and whitening a variety of skulls, mainly whitetail, and predator type skulls. I have been “practicing” taxidermy since I was 17 years old, however, with a lack of “formal” training, my work never seemed to advance. I was practicing to get my license, and had everything in place the year the Game Commission cancelled the test. I was always intimidated to join the PTA, as I was afraid it was an organization for professional taxidermists, that already had their licenses. I would go to the Harrisburg Eastern Outdoor Show, and spend the majority of my time, walking around all of the mounts in the taxidermy section, just amazed at some of the pieces that were entered. Finally, I got the courage up to talk to Dan Snyder at the 2009 show, and decided that I would procrastinate no longer, and that I would have a mount entered in the 2010 show. Thankfully, I met Dave Houser at the Harrisburg show, and he made my son Zach and I feel right at home. We made the plans to go to Seven Springs, and I can’t say enough positive things about our experience that weekend, my wife and son can’t wait until next year!! (Either can I, but that is a given!!) Truly, we met some of the nicest people that we have ever had the pleasure of meeting, two of those people that I would like to mention are Michael Schlabach, and Lou Bellman. Michael gave my son Zach a revolution form that he bought at the auction, and challenged my son to return next year with an Jr. whitetail entry, and Lou sent my son Zach some of the best whitetail reference posters that I have ever seen. These two PTA members are truly first class, excellent ambassadors to the taxidermy industry !

I would like to end by saying that if you are not a member of the PTA, and are on the “fence” about joining, or are intimidated about joining, don’t make the same mistake I made !! Join now, become active, come to the show’s and start learning, and meeting some of the nicest people you will ever meet.

Thank You PTA !!!!