Hello to all of my taxidermy friends and
My interest in the art of taxidermy began at age
6, with my first visit at a studio.
I always wanted to be a taxidermist when I
grew up. I started fiddling with it in high school
and after graduating I went to the Pennsylvania
Institute of Taxidermy and
got my first real first hand
knowledge of all forms of
Graduating from there I
joined the PTA and attended
my first convention in
Carlisle, PA in 1993. I
attended shows on and off over
the following years and
sometimes brought pieces
along to compete but not
In 2009 my son Malachi and
I attended the convention in
Altoona where I began to
compete seriously and have
done do since. I wish that I
could go back to 1993 and

begin there again. I have learned so much from the
judge’s critiques. Without the PTA and its
members to learn from, I would not do the quality
of work that I do now and I have much to learn yet.
We have made many friends and met many of
you and we look forward to the convention each
I operate a full time studio in the village of
Rock at my childhood home. Rock is located
outside of Pine Grove in
Schuylkill County, PA.
I’ve been on the board for
four years, three of those as
Vice President. I’ve enjoyed
giving back to the association
that has done so much for me
and introduced me to so many
great people.
I’m honored to be the subject
of this issue’s Spotlight.
If I may ever help any of you
in your endeavors please feel free
to contact me.
Your friend,
Jason J. Krause