My name is Joe Simmons and I live in Slippery Rock, PA. I attended Pennsylvania Institute of Taxidermy in 2002 and there I learned from some of the best taxidermist to include Jason Snowberger, Kent Stryker and Chuck Henry. I started Simmons Taxidermy in 2004. I have been a PTA member since 2003. I have received some great lessons while competing at several shows to include The PTA show and WVTA show. I can also say that I have learned a great deal from being a committee member volunteering at the PTA show for several years in the competition area. This allowed some one on one lessons with some great judges. It’s one of the best places to get a lot of great taxidermy tips. I also enjoy many outdoor activities besides hunting and fishing, I also enjoy gardening. I have been growing garlic that I received from an old Italian friend (it came to the states with him from Italy) for several years now. Recently I won first place at the Butler Farm Show with it. Just ask around I’m sure you’ll find someone who has tried it and loves it.

   One of my other favorite things is a yearly fishing charter on the Free Spirit, Tri State Charters . We caught monster King salmon and last year it was monster Browns. We took my nephew and he caught one of the biggest Browns of the charter’s career it was eighteen pounds with a big hook jaw. What an awesome trip if you haven’t had a chance to do something like that you have to. Be warned it is addicting and will keep pulling you back year after year! In 2011 I won Best in Category with a mule deer at the WV Taxidermy show. It is a special muley since it was one my Dad killed years ago. I recently taught my wife to archery hunt and 2010 I helped her get her first buck in rifle a pretty decent eight point. Although she missed an eight point from 20 yards this year with her bow (but don’t bring it up to her she hates to lose at anything right Paul).