Hello, my name is Cameron Ream, most
friends call me Cam. I live in Harrisburg, PA and
work for the best boss in the world at Mulhollems
Taxidermy, formerly Trop Gun & Taxidermy in
Middletown. My interest in taxidermy began when
I was a little boy. I was amazed going to Bass Pro
Shops and Cabela’s. Seeing the dioramas and
scenes with all the animals really puts you in that
moment. I wanted to have every animal in North
America mounted at that
age but, an 8-year-old
doesn’t have the space to
put them or know about
the money it takes to have
them done.
My grandfather, George
Dean, took me on my first deer hunt. That first
day, while watching a field, I made a pretty darn
good 300 yard shot on a 4 point. We hobbled
down to it – I was shaky kneed and excited. I
walked up to it poked its eyes to see if its dead,
and looked over it. I was very happy, amazed and
kinda sad at the same time to see a wild animal
up close like that. I can still remember how its
hide was so soft and it was cool to see and touch
how each body part moved and worked. Over the
years, I shot a few more deer, played around and
tanned their hides and thought about going into
I was and still am a very quiet bashful person –

till you get to know me! I had a school project due
and eventually worked up the courage to ask the
“taxidermy man” if I could watch him for a day for
this project. One thing led to another and now I
work for him most days. It has been a blessing, I
love it and look forward to every day. It’s not even
a job, except dealing with stinky roadkill.
I started attending shows and competitions and
have learned so much – but there’s still so much
more to learn. If anyone is on
the fence of joining your state
association & competing JUST
DO IT! There’s nothing to be
afraid of – everyone has to learn
and you don’t learn or get any
better by not joining up & going.
I love the PTA and going to its shows, you meet so
many people that will help you out and become
your lifelong friends as well.