My name is Glenn
Miller, most of you know me from the
Cabela’s Shows. I live near Hamburg, PA at the foothills of
the Blue Mountains with my wife of 42 years, Helen. We
have two daughters and six grandsons. (Three of whom are
competing in the youth division.) I started hunting when I
was 12 years old with a long bow in
one of the first “Archery Seasons”. I
have been fortunate to be able to
hunt in various United States and
Foreign Countries.
My interest in taxidermy began
about the same time, when I ordered
the J. W. Elwood mail order course
(which I still have). Taxidermy then took a back seat to girls,
earning a living, raising a family, stating a business, etc. My
interest was rekindled when I took some African Trophies to
Barry Kehr of Shoemakersville, PA. Taxidermy had changed
dramatically in the ensuing 25 years!
In 1999, I attended the Northwood School of Taxidermy
in Stoystown, PA. Upon Graduation I opened a part time
studio. In 2006, I retired from my other endeavors and
became a full time taxidermist.
Barry Kehr had graciously become my mentor and
encouraged me to compete. I attended several PTA

C o n v e n t i o n s ,
(Lancaster, Penn
State, Altoona and
Somerset). Then
when Cabela’s
began hosting the
Mini Show in 2003, I
started helping at Cabela’s and
entered my first competition. I was
very apprehensive, but to my surprise
I enjoyed the competition and found
the Judge’s Critique to be fair and
helpful! Soon after this competition,
I began competing at Cabela’s and the State Shows.
One day Barry stopped to visit me, and as I was finishing
some customer pieces, he carefully looked them over and
remarked “I can tell you are COMPETING, IT SHOWS IN
To all members of the PTA, come to the competitions and
compete, you will learn so much, make great friends and meet
the industry vendors and view their products. Support the
PTA. IT WILL Make YOU a BETTER Taxidermist!
Sincerely Yours in Conservation and Taxidermy,
Glenn H. Miller