Hi! My name is Cathy Popp. I’ve been married for 35 years to my husband George; we have 3 grown sons, 3 daughters- in-law and 1 granddaughter. We live very close to Three Mile Island in a small town called Bainbridge PA. I am very adventurous and have always enjoyed anything related to the outdoors.

My interest in taxidermy began when my oldest son shot a squirrel when he was younger. I wanted to get it mounted but I was surprised at the cost! I decided to buy a kit and try my hand at taxidermy. I was hooked! I then took some classes and did apprentice work starting in 1992. In 1995, I became state-licensed and joined the PTA. I’ve worked as both a full- and part-time taxidermist. My direction and interest in taxidermy has changed in the last year, and now I am concentrating on large animals.

I’ve been in charge of the Harrisburg Mini Show and have helped at the PA State Show for several years now. I’ve competed mainly with small mammals, always with an odd or unusual twist. Competition and the critiques that accompany it continue to help me to learn. I’m proud of my accomplishments winning red and blue ribbons, People’s Choice awards, and a few Best of Category awards. I received the McKenzie Distinguished Service Award in 2008 at the Harrisburg Mini Show and, most recently, the President’s Cup for the porcupine at the 2013 PTA Convention.

I really enjoy the PTA shows because they feel like a big family reunion. Considering the large number of people gathered together at a show, I may not be great with names, but I’ll always remember your face!