My name is Mike Olszanowski. I live in Douglassville Pa. I am a full time taxidermist but I also spend a few hours a week at a second job restoring classic muscle cars. I enjoy hunting, especially archery season. My father is a full time farmer so growing up on a farm gave me a lot of opportunities to hunt and luckily harvest some good bucks. Some of my best memories are of my trips bow hunting out of state. In Utah I harvested a great mountain lion, in Maine I took a black bear and Colorado I took a nice elk. I can’t wait to get out on another hunt one of these days. 

I am married to Jen and we have a son named Colton who is 7. My wife has always hung around the shop with me and jokingly said to me one day “I have seen you mount so many deer heads, I could do one just as good as you”. So I told her to go for it. She entered her first deer shoulder mount in the competition at the Cabela’s Mini show back in September. Now she knows it is not as easy as it seems. Hopefully our son will also like to compete and will put something together for next years state show.