Board of Director Meeting – September 17, 2016 – Huntingdon PA

Board of Directors Present: Jason Krause, Jessica Simmons, Joe Simmons, Patti Czerniakowski, Bill Ward, Ashley Barrett, Jerry Reddinger, Bob Evans,
Rich Nagle
Board Members Absent: Dan Swanson, Matt Zimmerman, Benuel Lapp, Bob Hutchinson (IPP)
Guests: Becky & Dan Snyder, John Czerniakowski
The meeting was called to order at 10:00 am.
• The treasurer’s report was presented by John Czerniakowski on behalf of Patti Czerniakowski. John Czerniakowski went over the expenses
from the 2016. John Czerniakowski wanted to remind everyone that when turning money into Dee Carley at the 2017 convention be sure it
is clearly marked to indicate where it came from. Jessica Simmons made a motion to approve the treasurers report – 2nd by Bob Evans –
motion carried unanimously.
• Bill Ward discussed the 2016 Cabela’s Taxidermy Weekend held on September 9th-11th. Jason Confer will be sending the photos to Becky
Snyder. Jason Confer filled in for John Helm as John had a confict in schedule. Jason Confer has agreed to take the pictures for the 2017
Cabela’s Taxidermy competition. Bill Ward reported that the attendance was a little down from last year but was more than attendance the
year before. Bill Ward mentioned that in his opinion several taxidermists that attended multi shows showed marked improvement in their
work. Bill Ward reported there was a slight miscommunication with the requirements that Cabela’s requested in order to fund a few of the
awards, that has since been cleared up. Bill & Bridget Ward will be providing Cabela’s with a summary about the show that they will use on
their website. All the Board members expressed that Bill & Bridget are doing a wonderful job organizing the Cabela’s show. Bill & Bridget
will be checking the availability for 9/8/17 – 9/10/17 for next year’s show dates.
• After the meeting Becky Snyder will be reaching out to venders and will also be asking if any are willing to donate pens and tablets for
members at the 2017 state convention.
• Becky Snyder will be following up with Snowball to get recommendation for options for overhead projectors. The BOD discussed
purchasing GoPRO’s to use to resolve the lack of overhead projecting.
Committee Reports:
• Bill Ward discussed Camp Compass, 2 turkey fans, 2 whitetail fat skins and 1 life sized turkey were presented at Cabela’s. Bill Ward discussed
that John Annoni as 8 first time hunters coming up. If anyone is would like to help with Camp Compass mounts please contact Bill & Bridget
Ward at 570-754-3407.
• Dan Snyder discussed there are no new legislative changes to report.
• The BOD discussed nominations and elections. Currently Secretary, Treasurer and 4 BOD positions will be open. Jason Confer was
nominated for BOD, nominations are open until December 31st, 2016.
New Business:
• The BOD discussed changes to the upcoming contracts with 7Springs. Becky Snyder reported that currently we are booked through 2020
and would need to give a year’s notice to leave the contract early. The state convention is scheduled for March 8th through the 11th this
year. Currently is cost $500 for the space that will be increasing to $2,000 per day. 7Springs reassessed what they were charging and realized
they were undervalued compared to other facilities in the same market. Becky Snyder mentioned that the banquet food pricing is not
included in the current signed contracts and 7Springs may get more restrictive when banquet tickets can be purchased. Currently they may
be purchased up until Friday , in the future they may all need to be pre ordered. The BOD discussed moving out of 7Springs early and
moving more to the Eastern part of the state. The BOD decided to reassess once 7Springs returns the call Becky Snyder put in.
• The BOD discussed adding the ability to accept debit/credit cards on our website, the cost is estimated at $500. John Czerniakowski
suggested we get member input to see if they are interested, Please reach out to you closest BOD and provided your input if you would like
to see the ability to accept debit/credit card on the website.
• Becky Snyder discussed changes to bulk mailing from rural post oces. There must be a certified employee working at the post oce for
them to be able to bulk mail, if there isn’t we have to find a post oce that has a certified employee. The cost of the bulk mailing permit is
also increasing by $40. The printer that the association uses for the Review can print and mail the Review for us, the estimate for mailing out
400 copies is approximately $150. Becky Snyder also discussed that the Review costs us $2000 per issues and we have been printing 3 issues
per year. Becky Snyder proposed that we reduce the number of issues from 3 to 2, let the printer mail the Review and reducing her salary by
$100. Ashley Barrett made a motion to Reduce the number of Reviews printed from 3 to 2, have the printer mail the Review, and reduce the
newsletter editor’s salary by $100 – 2nd by Jessica Simmons – motion carried unanimously.
• The BOD discussed the January BOD meeting. The date has been conflicting with The Big Rock show and will continue for the next several
years. The BOD meeting will now be held on January 14th at Hoss’s in Huntingdon PA at 10am.
• The BOD discussed the registration fees for the 2017 state convention. Joe Simmons made a motion to increase early registration to $95, late
registration to $125 and 1 day registration to $75 – 2nd by Rich Nagle – motion carried unanimously.
• The BOD discussed mailing out post cards with information about the association on them. Bob Evans made a motion to mail post cards
out to all licensed taxidermists on the Dept. AGs list – 2nd by Jessica Simmons – motion carried unanimously.
• The BOD discussed some issues with Links on the website not working properly. Becky Snyder will be contacting the webmaster to discuss
the issues.
• The BOD discussed advertising options such as the Laural Highland visitor center and Breakthrough. The BOD has decided to not advertise
in these magazines at this time.
Bob Evans made a motion to adjourn, the meeting was adjourned at 2:40 pm.
Respectfully Submitted
Jessica Simmons
Board Secretary