My name is Michael P. Schlabach and I am the proud owner of M.A.D. Taxidermy in La Grange, Texas. We are a full-time medium size operation and turn out around 350 total pieces per season (and growing). I am a proud member of the Pennsylvania Taxidermist Association and consider the PTA my second home. I had heard a lot of talk around the industry about how good the PTA was so I decided a few years ago to see it for myself….. as they say, the rest is history.

I am now hooked on not only the PTA, but also it’s excellent learning seminars, it’s very large supply room and most of all it’s outstanding membership. I have gone from meeting a few acquaintances to gaining life long friendships. The people of Pennsylvania are very blessed to have so many wonderful and talented taxidermists and a board of directors who are not content with what they have accomplished. Every year brings a better show with more to look forward to.

It would take a catastrophic event to cause me to miss your show and have every intention to keep coming back for many years. Next year it will be to defend the President’s Cup. I look forward to defending the award and hopefully against a large number of you. Next years President’s Cup Challenge animal is the mink. I already have my plans and it is a good one! Be sure and bring your “A” game, I am. 🙂 I also have my own little challenge for you. If you beat me in the President’s Cup Challenge, that night I will buy your dinner at the $40 seafood buffet AND be your personal waiter!! Sounds like a challenge!

If the good Lord is willing and the creeks don’t rise, I will see you all again in 2011 at Seven Springs resort. Can’t wait, I’m already excited.

If you are not a member of the PTA and have only considered it as a thought, no more excuses. If I can travel all the way from Texas to broaden my education in taxidermy, you have no excuse living in Pennsylvania. You have close access to one of the largest, if not the biggest State Convention in the United States. The educational benefits are priceless! Get in gear and get it done, you will not regret it and your taxidermy skills WILL improve!