Hello, my name is Bob Hutchinson “Hutch.” My wife, Amy and I are the owners of Hutch’s Taxidermy & Wildlife Art. We run a full time studio in Mt. Pleasant, PA. I have been doing taxidermy for over 31 years now. I started out small and part time hoping that some day I would be able to do taxidermy full time, but too afraid to leave my full time job. Then one day, the company I was working for closed and went out of business. It was then that I made a decision to go full time with taxidermy rather than look for another job. I have to tell you, it was really tough to make it. It wasn’t that I didn’t have enough work; I had a lot of work. I was working 6-7 days a week. It was my pricing that was keeping me down. I had a business consultant come in and help me understand things about running a business. I knew then that I had to raise my prices. I told my wife “we’re not going to make it with our new prices.” I said “There are 31 places within a 15 mile radius of us that are doing taxidermy for half of what we will be charging.” She said “We are in this together and we can always get another job if need be.”


Looking back, I’m so glad that I listened to that consultant. Within 5 years we went from a 24 x 24 two car garage to a brand new studio with over 2,100 square feet, a walk in freezer and cooler and just about everything that I ever wanted. It was also the help from our business seminars at the state convention and talking to others that have succeeded in this taxidermy industry. I have learned so much from the PTA and I have so many friends. I said what I said, not to brag, but to tell my story and hope that I could help some one that wants to go full time or the one’s who are afraid to raise there prices. Taxidermy is my life and passion and I am so proud to serve my time in this association and have friends and colleagues like you guys.


Bob “Hutch” Hutchinson, LT, CT