The Eastern Sports Show hosted our unique event on Saturday February 13, 2011. The PTA rewarded our hard working students with the mounted game heads and it was a day to remember! Thanks for all the support and remember these students all must go through at least 2 1/2 full years in one program before they can earn this award.

Camp Compass Academy

1221 Summer Ave. Rear

Allentown, PA 18102



If you want to make a difference in a Kids Life take a minute and contact us.

Hi everyone,

I am the “new” committee chairperson for the PTA’s involvement with the Camp Compass Academy. The previous chairperson has resigned, and I am starting from “scratch” so to speak, trying to compile a list of PTA members that would like to help, or have previously helped in the past. If you are interested in mounting a bird, fish, mammal, or reptile, please respond to this post, email me, or call me, and let me know what your area of expertise is. We will be presenting the kids with their mounts at the 2012 Cabela’s mini competition in Hamburg Pennsylvania. You will need to get the mount to Cabela’s, or arrange to get it to Cabela’s with someone for the 2012 event.

Thank You Everyone,

Bob Evans

(cell) 717-350-0771